Terms and Conditions aren’t necessarily the ultimate trump card.

You've likely heard it before.  You're out of luck because you agreed to all the countless pages of fine print.  In essence, you entered into a contract and feel as though you have no exit strategy.  Many times, you have no recourse but to honor the terms of your agreement.  However, there are circumstances under... Continue Reading →

What is the right to exclude?

Landlord-tenant disputes are often the product of poor communication, miscommunication, or a total lack of communication between the parties involved. Sometimes a landlord will require a tenant to do or refrain from a particular action such as having guests, and the tenant will wonder whether the landlord's request is legal. To answer the question, one... Continue Reading →

Steps in a Wisconsin Criminal Case: Part 1

Receiving a criminal complaint can be a scary experience, especially if you're unfamiliar with the criminal process.  This post is intended to explain the steps from the fruition of a criminal case to the initial appearance.  The first step in a Wisconsin prosecution is the referral of charges from the arresting agency to the prosecutor’s... Continue Reading →

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