What type of legal interest do you have in YOUR property? (Part 1 in a series on real estate ownership and transfer)

Real Estate is a complex and consuming area of practice for an attorney, especially for the attorneys here at McAvoy & Murphy Law Firm. From helping plan short sales and the drafting of WB-11’s, to the more-complex negotiation of RMA’s and litigating adverse possession claims, the breadth of this area of law is wide and... Continue Reading →

Don’t skimp on the biggest contract you might ever sign

A real estate purchase is often the most significant and expensive purchase a person will make in his or her lifetime.  After locating a residential property in Wisconsin, buyers submit to sellers an Offer to Purchase, generally on Form WB-11. Real estate licensees are vital to helping the process run smoothly, and good agents are... Continue Reading →

How to draft a resignation letter to send to your employer (and hopefully avoid the awkward two weeks after sending it).

Everyone who has resigned from a job knows of the struggles on how to tell your employer, "I QUIT." More often than not, this results in the dreaded "two week" rule, where you give notice and then are forced to work for the next couple weeks under management who knows you're leaving. Now, if you... Continue Reading →

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