Searching for a rental property?

Searching for a new place can be fun. It can also be frustrating.  But with the vast availability of resources on the Internet, it shouldn’t be too difficult for those who have a basic understanding of how to navigate the worldwide web.  For those who either don’t know how to use the Internet or don’t... Continue Reading →

Judicial Activism vs. Judicial Restraint

This week’s blog post outlines the issue of judicial independence, as well as the never-ending ideological battle of judicial activism vs. judicial restraint. The political parties in our country know that the judiciary, while not completely independent, is the last restraint for the ideological issues they have promised their constituents will become law. In the... Continue Reading →

Waukesha Bankruptcy Lawyers: McAvoy & Murphy

Disclaimer: This post may be considered attorney advertising. At McAvoy & Murphy, we take a compassionate approach to bankruptcy cases.  During your initial consultation, our attorneys will determine the best strategy for dealing with your creditors, with bankruptcy as a last resort.  At this consultation, we will discuss various alternatives to bankruptcy, such as Wisconsin... Continue Reading →

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